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Balcony and Gardens is a complete landscape resource studio that offers design, supply, retail, styling, and maintenance for homes, commercial spaces, events, and pretty much everything in between. We are a subsidiary of Clarq Design Studio – a premier Landscape Architecture and Planning Firm in the Philippines.


Don’t know where to begin? A custom garden design by professional landscape architects who have years of experience can help you conceptualize and actualize your dream outdoor space.


Implemention of garden designs done by our team to help turn those plans into reality. A garden design may look good on paper but it’s even better when it’s enjoyed!


Find your favorite landscape pieces here in the shop. Personally handpicked and curated by experts and artisans bringing you the best quality plants, pots and other landscape accessories.


We provide landscape pieces and elements to create a cohesive look and feel for your event. Our team will be there to ensure your vision comes together as planned


The key to a lasting garden is maintenance. Our team of experts is here to help you take care of your garden for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your space!

Our Works

We dream of creating a Better and Greener World. View our select works from our journey of bringing everything landscape to everyone. We are just getting started – stay tuned for more.

Our Products

Plants are proven to have benefits to our health and mood, not to mention their power to visually uplift a space. Know what works best for your space by browsing thru our plant collection. Happy shopping!



Sansevieria trifaciata
P 1,000 (2-3ft)

A stemless air-purifying plant that is nearly indestructible, the Snake Plant will thrive in almost any nook and cranny that you place it in. It is an ideal container plant that grows well on the floor or on tabletops. Honestly, the possibilities on how you want to display this plant is endless!

Recommended Use: Indoor Plant



Ficus elastica ‘burgundy’
P 2,500 (2ft)

Tough and flashy, with it’s glossy wine-colored foliage, the Red Rubber Tree is a great indoor plant to give life to a dull empty corner. Wanna keep it cute-sized? Don’t worry because with regular pruning, you can maintain it’s height and size to fit any space you like!

Recommended Use: Indoor Plant, accent plant

Dots Round Pots


6.5″ height x 6″ diameter
P 240

Recommended Use: Small indoor plants, good for table tops



Ficus elastica var.
P 1,800 (2ft)

Elegant and nostalgic, the unique painted effect of its green and yellow foliage gives it a timeless vibe. The Yellow Rubber tree loves medium indirect light and evenly damp soil. Be careful not to let your pets ingest its leaves because its sap can be toxic to animals!

Recommended Use: Also seen for outdoor use



Epipremnum aureum
P 170

The Marble Pothos’s variegated green and white leaves can easily transform any indoor space into a lush tropical oasis. A plant that thrives in medium to low indirect sunlight, and occassional watering every 1-2 weeks, this is definitely a beginner’s ideal choice!

Recommended Use: Hanging indoor plant, groundcover



Ficus triangularis var.
P 1,200 (1.5ft)

A low maintenance beauty with uniquely shaped green and cream foliage, the ficus triangulars is a hardy slow-grower with visuals can brighten any space. One important thing to remember with these beauties is: the brighter the light, the better the variegation!

Recommended Use: Indoor plant, shrubs



Monstera adansonii
P 400 (3-4 leaves)

Having a monstera adansonii is definitely a quirky way to upgrade a space. This climber with its striking, deep-green foliage, appreciates bright indirect light and watering only when the soil dries out. It’ll definitely catch the eye of even the non-plant people!

Recommended Use: Climber

ZZ plant


Zamioculcas zamiifolia
P 400

ZZ is the low maintenance plant. He’s not picky when it comes to soil and can tolerate any amount of sunlight. Forgot to water him? Don’t worry because ZZ is standing tall and shining even after 3 days without water.

Recommended Use: Indoor plant

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We are a diverse team of professional landscape architects and plant enthusiasts who are passionate about creating better and greener homes. Drop a message below to say hello to our creative and dedicated team.

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