Plants take center stage in post-pandemic abodes

24 June 2020 · By JOHANNES L. CHUA

RAISE THE ROOF A curated showcase of plants helps elevate the design of a roof deck

If there is one thing that engineers, architect, and interior designers can agree on, it is that plants —whether in a garden, garage doorway, hallway, or on top of one’s desk—must have a major presence in homes in the post-pandemic era.

Aside from providing concrete and steel structures a refreshing atmosphere, plants have multiple benefits to improve the health and wellbeing of dwellers, Studies have shown that the coronavirus thrives and spreads in includes air-conditioned spaces. Thus, a space that’s airy, well-ventilated, and exposed to nature can help mitigate the risks of viruses and other germs or bacteria.

“People now realize the value of having plants, gardens, and greens inside the home, regardless of the size of your space, says Vincent Lim, landscape architect and owner of Clarq Design Studio and Balcony & Gardens.

“The health pandemic, if there’s any good from it, opened our eyes to that reality.”

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed the plants to the forefront, this has also changed the way architects and interior designers envision their clients’ spaces.

GREEN ESCAPE Varieties of plants surround the QC office of Balcony & Gardens

“In the new normal, we may see a lot of garden renovation needs, vegetable gardening requirements, and more demand for tabletop or indoor plants for home office set-ups,” Lim says. “We have always encouraged homeowners to make room for green spaces. This time, these gardens may not be an afterthoughts, but a must-have amenity.”

Balcony & Gardens, launched in 2017, started as home-based venture of Lim selling plants to friends and referrals. It evolved later to offer landscape design and installation of residential gardens.

Lim advises homeowners to not only consider green spaces for aesthetic purposes, but also to look into urban gardening.

A variety of fruits and vegetables, even herbs, can be grown easily even inside a condo unit, It just takes a little bit of adjustment and a ton of passion to “make your space greener and sustainable for growing food for sustenance.”

DUAL ROLE Table plants like pothos and a tall shrub can also serve as a ‘privacy screen’ for your work-from-home corner

“Now more than ever, we feel that being surrounded by nature is essential for us to live a healthier life,” says Lim.

“The pandemic taught us to always be on our feet, accept the things we cannot change, and trust in ourselves. The most important treasure we have is our health. Let nature nurture and heal us the natural way. And its starts with putting greens in our home.”

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